About Shush




Shush is a contemporary clothing brand founded by Sushmita Agarwal. Growing up in the plethora of possibilities, fashion was always an escape for her which paved the way to Shush. A happy girl in the sunny city always experimenting through trial and a lot errors, wanting to share the same vibes through clothes that make you feel comfy yet looking like a million dollars.
At Shush we help curate your next holiday wardrobe while being comfy yet chic. You can wear us to your strolls in beach, Sunday brunch, date nights, or even when you lounge at home. No matter where you are, wearing shush will transport you to a beach, sipping on a mimosa while watching the sunset. And with the Shush basics, your everyday needs will be covered too!


 We believe your clothes are meant to fit you , you are not meant to fit into them. Also, who ever started making clothes for women without pockets needs a BIG reality check. We pay some real attention to the fabric that we pick, they're smooth like butter and will fit you like a dream!
Meeting Sustainability guidelines are extremely important to us in every stage of production. All fabrics are sourced responsibly from vendors and are also completely recyclable.  Every item is made to order to ensure there is no excess production. Our tailors are hand make each piece with utmost care and love to advocate conscious lifestyle through fashion.
 We are certain that once you wear a piece from us, there's no going back.